Thursday, April 3, 2014

Cave Couple

A happy cave couple are loving life, they have everything they ever wanted, and a little problem they never expected.

Doug and Jackie have a beautiful cave, Lovely neighbors, and only live a day’s walk from the watering hole. They have it made. One day the cave next to theirs goes up for sale and a smelly cavewoman named Margret moves in. Quickly they realize that Margret strongly dislikes them. One day while walking past Margret’s cave he sees her trying to lift a rock. Hoping to discover the reason that she dislikes them Doug walks into her cave to help her. Suddenly he hears a “voice saying yea and seriously has she ever even walked to the watering hole to bathe” it was Jackie’s voice. She had heard everything they had ever said about her in private. Their cave echoed every word they said directly to Margret.